Acoustic screen as sound screen

acoustic screen sunoPAROLI

Transparent acoustic elements for the office

sunoPAROLI is a transparent acoustic screen. The sound-absorbing elements are available in many versions and are suitable for example as sound-absorbing partition walls or as acoustically effective furniture attachments. The acoustic screens are easy to install due to their low weight. They are therefore very suitable for creating light, transparent and yet acoustically effective room structures for open office spaces.

Acoustic screens optimize office space

The elements can be placed flexibly as partitions or as furniture add-on elements. The transparent appearance of the elements underlines the open and light-flooded character of the office space and prevents the emergence of unattractive "partition wall castles". Between tables or behind the user's back, you not only provide the necessary degree of shielding, you are also in the right place from an acoustic point of view.

Acoustic screen as partition wall

Partitions in various heights are a highly flexible tool for quickly and easily adapting room structures to the working environment. The flat foot stabilizer (stainless steel) guarantees stability without the risk of tripping.

Top elements for table and cupboard are a decorative and inexpensive alternative to the partition wall. Between tables the umbrellas reduce the syllable comprehensibility and leave a minimum of retreat area to the opposite side. In the back, e.g. on the sideboard, disturbances can be eliminated.

The acoustic umbrella originates from space travel.

A honeycomb core supports the ceiling layer of approx. 1 mm thickness. The weight is only 1 to 2 kg/m². The fittings (feet and adapters) are made of stainless steel.

The acoustic screens are highly sound-absorbing and decisively optimise the reverberation time in the room. The elements are to be classified in absorption class B. The translucent screens in particular are suitable for visually restrained control of room acoustics and thus meet the demands of contemporary architecture.