Akustikmodul mit Hochleistungsabsorbern auf Glasflächen.

Rest module with electrification

The acoustic solution can be electrified ready for use upon request

The silentUNIT rest module can be delivered with ready-to-use 230 V electrification upon request. We can prepare the electrification in the solid wall elements or the acoustic elements to such an extent that we only hand over a cable harness to connect it to the building. The local electrician takes care of this and places it on his distribution.

High-performance absorber with electrification

  • additional ways to electrify the AP
  • fully configured electrification units
  • Internal cabling prepared
  • 230V sockets
  • RJ 45 data sockets
  • HDMI, VGA and DVI interfaces

The acoustic module can be individually electrified.

The standard equipment of the flush-mounted socket unit is three 230 V Schuko sockets and two RJ 45 patch-to-patch fields for data lines. All other common interfaces, e.g. HDMI, VGA or other units can be installed upon request..

The data cables must be provided on site. During installation, the cables are pulled through the ceiling or floor into the solid wall elements or the acoustic elements to the socket units configured as agreed.

230 V in the rest module

All 230 V components in the acoustic module are wired internally ready to plug in. We pass a cable either to the floor or to the ceiling. In the event that the sockets are to represent several circuits, we will provide a corresponding wiring harness for connection by the local electrician. The electrician does not have to do any wiring in the rest module itself.

Data in the sleep module

For the data electrification, the patch to patch fields, your electrician will prepare appropriate cable lengths. We pull these into the solid walls either via the ceiling or the floor in order to attach them to the patch to patch fields inside the solid wall.
If the customer requests, conventional electrification in the rest module is of course also possible. i.e. The electrician does the wiring himself and also installs the boxes in the prepared holes. Here, however, the work must be well timed.

Light in the rest module

For lighting control, we can offer radio buttons based on the Enocean principle. These switches do not require a battery and do not need to be connected to electricity. Simply by activating the switch, sufficient energy is generated internally to bring the information to the corresponding actuator.

Space efficiency

The glass acoustic system can be installed independently of the façade, enabling intensive use of the available space.

room acoustics

The acoustic system reduces sound propagation and reverberation time. silentUNIT maintains transparency for direct visual relationships.


The silentUNIT acoustic shield can be electrified ready for use on request. Sockets can be installed in the absorbers and pre-wired internally.

Without ceiling connection

The silentUNIT quiet module can also be positioned free-standing without a connection to the ceiling. The truss system makes this possible.


The acoustic system is designed as a modular system. It can be installed room-high or under a self-supporting truss.


The resting module is individually designed for the intended use and the building. Among other things, it is adapted to the given room height and furniture formats.