Thinker cell in the room-in-room principle as a self-sufficient room element

Autonomous cooling for the room-in-room system

The thinker cell is available with comfortable ceiling cooling

Depending on the size, number of people using it, the technical equipment and the period of use, there may be sensitivities in the room-in-room system in relation to the heat generated. For this case, we have developed self-sufficient room cooling. If desired, the thinker cell in room-in-room construction can be equipped with integrated and self-sufficient cooling, ceiling cooling. In this case, the sound-absorbing ceiling elements of the room-in-room system are equipped with water-conducting capillary tube mats. The mats are connected to a compact, self-sufficient dry cooler, a chiller or to the building's existing cooling water network. The cooled water flows through the capillary tube mats and thus absorbs the heat generated in the room-in-room system via the metal cassette ceiling. The water runs back to the chiller, the recooler, and is cooled back to the original temperature there. There, outside the vetroCUBE, the heat load is removed from the water and then fed back into the ceiling, creating a constant cooling circuit.

room-in-room with radiant cooling

  • native cooling
  • silent radiative cooling
  • invisible technology
  • even small rooms without drafts
  • no noise development
  • high level of comfort
  • high efficiency
  • separated from ventilation

The thinker cell with radiation cooling modeled on nature

The silent radiation cooling of the thinker cell uses the natural capillary effect. As is often the case, the model for cooling the room-in-room system is nature. Organisms use the storage and conductivity of liquids to regulate their temperature. Distribution occurs through a network of capillaries. Heat and fluid transport in capillaries were modeled on biological systems.

The room-in-room system offers comfortable radiant cooling

We install capillary tube cooling from a leading manufacturer in the ceiling element of the room-in-room system. The large area of the system ceiling enables a high level of heat exchange with a low temperature difference. There is a high level of energy exchange without any drafts. In this way, we take advantage of the comfort benefits of this “gentle” technology. This is very important considering the small rooms. There are no drafts whatsoever.

Heating option

Capillary tube technology can also be used for combined applications, for heating and cooling.
If you only need heating for the room-in-room system, we also offer electric steel bodies in the ceiling segments. This makes installation much easier and is energy efficient. Contact us for such need.

quick delivery program

Quickly available and highly flexible. Four room types offer you intelligent and versatile configurations for your communication zone.


The room-in-room design opens up the space, even in non-office properties

Room acoustics

vetroCUBE offers soundproof retreats in the open space. Employees find retreats for group work.


vetroCUBE is supplied with ready-to-use 230 V electrification. The "plug and play" principle applies, so commissioning is simple.


The Thinktank vetroCUBE's own ventilation system ensures the supply of fresh air. An acoustically optimized fan box sits on the ceiling.


The vetroCUBE system offers the room cooling option. Long periods of use and dense occupancy can lead to the cube heating up.


The vetroCUBE think tank offers a flexible LED lighting concept. It can be adapted to different uses and different sizes.


The vetroCUBE room-in-room system is a modular system. The cubes can be individually adapted to sizes and design requirements.

Fire protection

The room-in-room system can be easily equipped with the necessary fire protection technology, smoke detectors, sprinklers and/or loudspeakers.


The room-in-room system can be tailored to any customer's wishes in terms of size, equipment and decoration.

Room types

The think tank can be optimized for many applications. Here are a few examples. Tell us what you want. We will build your vetroCUBE.