Akustikmodul mit Hochleistungsabsorbern auf Glasflächen.

The rest module optimises room acoustics

Sound barriers support communication in open space and improve room acoustics

For the development of the rest module there were three requirements in the booklet. The acoustic module must not restrict transparency. This led to the use of frameless glass surfaces. The sound screen must reduce the reverberation time and at the same time contain the direct propagation of sound. Taken together, these requirements ultimately lead to the silentUNIT glass acoustic system. The silentUNIT module is a combination of frameless glass surfaces and acoustic sound shields.

Glass Acoustic transparent

  • transparent only glass walls
  • High performance absorber class A
  • soundproofing
  • sound absorption
  • Alpha s value 1.0
  • Installation height up to 3400 mm
  • also without ceiling connection

Acoustic sound barriers reduce the direct propagation of sound for improved sound insulation

The acoustic module, the sound screen, supplements only glass walls at acoustically sensible positions with powerful absorbers. These broadband absorbers comply with acoustic classification A according to DIN EN 11654.

With the use of sound screens, the planner achieves a considerable reduction in the sound flashover at relevant points and thus improved room acoustics. Different teams can be placed close together without disturbing each other. Technical areas, meeting points and work cafés can be effectively acoustically shielded with the quiet modules. The open-plan office is visually held together. The visual relationships of the colleagues are consciously strengthened. The character of a modern, open, transparent and communicative office space is retained and the glass acoustics are improved reverberantly.

Acoustic module with safety glazing according to requirements

Depending on the installation height, the glass surfaces of the sound shield consist of 10 to 12 mm thick toughened safety glass (ESG). This ensures good sound insulation and prevents sound from spreading into the room. ESG glazing provides sufficient insulation for use in open office landscapes. In the event that closed rooms must also be formed, we use 12 mm LSG glazing. To the related product Nurglaswand soloVETRO.

The sound screen is mounted on a melamine carrier if room-high is required. If the sound shields are not to be installed across the entire surface, they can be mounted directly onto the glass surfaces. This makes parapet glazing and skylight glazing possible, but still guarantees sufficient sound insulation.

High-performance class A absorber made of recycled materials - Acoustic sound screen

The high-performance absorbers of the acoustic module are 80 mm thick and consist of micro-perforated metal cassettes. The absorbers are coated according to RAL. The cassettes of the rest module are equipped with an efficient acoustic filling, a polyester fleece, in order to offer an optimal sound insulation according to VDI guideline. This polyester fleece is a recycled product. It is e.g. made from the granulate of beverage bottles. Contact with polyester wool is harmless and does not cause allergic reactions, skin irritations or breathing problems. The acoustic filling does not form dust and is free of chemical binders. It is 100% recyclable.


High-performance absorber for wall mounting

The absorbers of the acoustic modules can easily be mounted on the wall. Existing individual offices, group offices or communication rooms can thus be very easily optimised acoustically. The use of the wall absorber has the advantage of being independent of luminaires, smoke detectors or sprinkler systems. A simple rule of thumb applies when calculating the required absorption area in typical office applications: approx. 30% of the floor area should be represented as the absorber area and preferably positioned in the corners of the room. This is where the sound waves overlap. The sound energy is absorbed accordingly well here.

Room area 15 m² multiplied by 30% results in a necessary area of 5 m² of sound screens. You need two acoustic panels measuring 2500 x 1000 mm. The result will convince you.

space efficiency

The acoustic system optimises office space acoustically, keeps it transparent and enables efficient use. It is flexible for upcoming changes.

room acoustics

silentUNIT creates quieter and transparent office spaces with ceiling sails and absorbers. Teams are acoustically self-contained and can work undisturbed.

Plug and Play

Upon request, the silentUNIT sound shield can be electrified ready for use. Sockets can be built into the absorbers and wired internally.

traverse system

The silentUNIT rest module offers paths for the electrification of workplaces and thus contributes to the more effective use of office space.


The acoustic system is designed as a modular system. It can be installed room-high or under a self-supporting truss.


The resting module is individually designed for the intended use. Among other things, it is adapted to the given room height and furniture formats.