Glaswand mit guter Schalldämmung

Glass wall as a frameless construction

Glass wall details, construction, variants, design

The soloVETRO glass wall consists of frameless glass surfaces and, on request, solid wall surfaces or acoustically activated surfaces.

The glass elements are joined without frames. The sides of the panes are specially processed and bonded dry and stable with a transparent seal. Silicone is NOT used. The glass-only wall is only guided on the floor and under the ceiling in slim aluminum profiles. All profiles are silver-coloured, EV1 anodized. The functional and understated design of the soloVETRO glass wall emphasizes the design of modern office zones. The transparency promotes team awareness. The transparent partition walls create a light and airy atmosphere. The deliberate strengthening of visual relationships supports your employees in their daily work.

Facts frameless glass wall

  • timeless design
  • understated design
  • filigree profiles
  • Frameless glass surfaces
  • Glass / glass corners
  • with ceiling connection
  • safety glass
  • Decorative surfaces
  • Acoustic surfaces

soloVETRO single glazed glass wall:

An aluminum profile (30/30 mm) is mounted on the floor. In this profile, the glass wall, the 12 mm laminated safety glass pane is centered and telescopes in the slightly higher ceiling profile (30/50 mm). The soloVETRO glass wall is available in two versions. The single-glazed wall is suitable for medium sound insulation and is particularly economical. This construction achieves up to approx. 37 dB with 12 mm VSG glazing. The single-glazed and double-glazed office glass walls have profiles of the same height so that they can be combined at any time.

soloVETRO glass wall in two sound insulation classes:

The frameless glass wall is available in two sound insulation classes. With 12 mm LSG glazing, the wall achieves a sound insulation value of approx. 37 dB. With the 16 mm glazing, the sound insulation value is approx. 40 dB. Both variants are visually uniform and are installed with the same profiles. Only the seals differ.

Glass wall privacy screen and decor

The transparency of the glass wall can be limited with individually designed decorative foils. The space between the double-glazed wall can be used, e.g. for decorative partitions, but also for blinds.

space efficiency

Highly transparent all-glass walls help to optimize the use of office space. Rooms appear larger. Central zones can be illuminated and better utilized.


The soloVETRO glass wall provides good sound insulation. On request, we can integrate high-performance absorbers to reduce the reverberation time.


The all-glass wall is assembled from frameless glass elements. The butt joints are dry-glued. Corners are glass to glass connections.