Glaswand mit guter Schalldämmung

Glass wall room system optimises acoustics

Acoustic modules in the glass wall optimise modern office space

Modern office buildings rely on building component activation. This technology uses the structures of the building, e.g. the floor ceiling for heating and cooling. As a result, concrete ceilings must remain free. What is beneficial for the architecture and the ecological balance of the building develops into a disadvantage for room acoustics. An acoustic ceiling cannot be installed, so that the acoustic quality in the building suffers accordingly. Acoustic replacement surfaces are needed. The soloVETRO glass wall supports optimal room acoustics in two ways. Despite its transparency, the glass wall creates a high level of confidentiality. The variants with single or double glazing ensure task-oriented sound reduction. As the user, you choose the most economical variant for your purpose. However, the glass wall room system also contains building blocks to optimise the reverberation time.

Glass acoustic wall:

  • Transparent only glass walls
  • High performance absorber class A
  • soundproofing
  • sound absorption
  • Alpha s value 1.0

The glass wall offers building blocks for optimising the reverberation time

The glass wall integrates high-performance absorbers and thus provides building blocks for conditioning the acoustic quality of the room. Rooms with several people do not necessarily need a high level of sound insulation to the outside, but a high level of reverberation damping in the room itself. Otherwise, it would not be possible to use the system for simultaneous telephone calls and conversations (chaotic communication behaviour).

The high-performance absorber solves acoustic problems

The high-performance absorbers live up to their name. With a αw value of 1.0, they are highly effective. Only a few absorbers make reverberant rooms acoustically "silky soft". The absorbers are mounted on special support elements, provided they are room-high. However, they can also be attached directly to the glass panes as partial surfaces. The absorbers are microperforated metal cassettes, powder-coated according to RAL and filled with special, highly sound-absorbing materials. The high efficiency of the compact absorbers allows economical use and thus guarantees the transparency of the furnishings with soloVETRO.

Targeted use of the glass acoustics room system

If the rooms on the opposite side of the absorber wall do not require acoustic measures, this side of the wall can also be covered with inexpensive decorative shells. This creates very transparent room structures without restricting acoustic comfort. The broadband absorbers are particularly effective if the workstations are aligned "face to wall" accordingly. This makes group rooms noticeably quieter. In addition, communication is more planned and disturbances during simultaneous telephone calls are reduced to a minimum.

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space efficiency

Highly transparent all-glass walls contribute to the optimised use of office space. Rooms appear larger. Central zones can be exposed and better used.

room acoustics

The soloVETRO glass wall provides good sound insulation. On request, we integrate high-performance absorbers to reduce the reverberation time.


The all-glass wall is composed of frameless glass elements. The butt joints are dry glued. Corners are glass to glass joints.