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Think tanks optimize acoustics in open-plan offices

The think tank in the office stands for acoustic optimisation

The Think Tank was developed to acoustically optimize open office areas, open space areas. The increase of sound-absorbing surfaces and the associated optimization of the reverberation time (damping of the volume) is not the top priority in the specifications. Rather, the office planner should ensure that loud, intensive and longer conversations do not take place on the open office area, but can be isolated by means of specialised room systems.

The change between communication and concentration ensures successful processes

The think tank is soundproof. The room system enables modern work processes and the required change of team and individual work. The separation of the associated communication from the calm of the open work space is the basis for acoustic optimisation. The think tank is thus an elementary acoustic component of the office furnishings for open space offices. In addition, the self-sufficient construction makes it possible to colonise the central zone. The think tank thus provides the necessary space for the required spatial diversity. New work, agile work is only possible on many office areas in the first place.

Think tanks provide the space and facilities for group work without disturbing colleagues

People don't communicate silently. Longer conversations or even discussions should not take place within hearing distance of the colleagues. The Think Tank in room within room construction allows the construction of acoustically decoupled retreat areas. Think tanks in the immediate vicinity of workplaces are suitable room systems for calming open office areas. At the same time, the think tank optimizes communication in open-plan offices.

The think tank is soundproof

  • Sound insulation 37 dB
  • Optimum acoustics in the think tank
  • Optimization of acoustics around the think tanks
  • Place for confidential conversations
  • Place for meetings
  • Place for long phone calls

With 37dB sound insulation, it also enables confidential conversations in the open office

The thinker cell according to the room in room principle can be a conference room or a telephone booth in an open-plan office. Ultimately, only the size and equipment are responsible for the different orientation. The Think Tank room system offers you a location for concentrated brooding as well as for communicative group work. The Think Tank is soundproof. The room system enables contemporary work processes and the change of team and individual work that is in demand. The separation of the associated communication from the open work space is the basis for acoustic optimisation. The think tank is thus an elementary component of the office furnishings for the open-plan office.

Think Tank ceiling as high performance absorber class A

The complete system ceiling of the think tank, according to the room in room principle, is a class A high performance absorber. The design as microperforated metal cassette ceiling, the inner structure and the layer thickness ensure a highly effective absorption of sound over all relevant frequency ranges and thus a short reverberation time in the thinker cell. In addition, solid wall elements can also be activated acoustically, depending on the requirements and purpose of the think tank. This also applies to the outside of the think tank. These areas can replace the acoustic activation of other office equipment.

Raum-in-Raum 40 dB:

The vetroCUBE is also flexible in terms of room acoustics.

The solid wall elements of the room in room system are constructed according to the sandwich principle. They consist of a technical support and attached functional surfaces (panels). These panels can be redefined for each solid wall element. They have uniform thicknesses and thus different functions (e.g. absorber and whiteboard) can be flush-mounted next to each other in the interlinking.

Quick delivery

Quickly available and highly flexible. Four room types offer you intelligent and diverse configurations for your communication zone.

Deployment locations

The think tank uses the middle zone in the office. The facade remains free for workplaces: The architecture of the office can thus be optimally used.

room acoustics

vetroCUBE offers soundproof retreat rooms in open space. Employees find retreat rooms for working in groups.

Plug and Play

vetroCUBE is supplied with ready to use 230 V electrification. The "plug and play" principle applies so that commissioning is simple.


The system ventilation of the Think Tank vetroCUBE ensures the supply of fresh air. An acoustically optimised fan box is located on the ceiling.


The vetroCUBE system offers the option of room cooling. Long use and dense occupancy can lead to heating of the cube.


The Think Tank vetroCUBE offers a flexible LED lighting concept. It can be adapted to different uses and different sizes.


The room in room system vetroCUBE is a modular system. The cubes can be individually adapted to sizes and design requirements.

fire protection

The room in room system can easily be equipped with the necessary fire protection technology, smoke detectors, sprinklers and / or loudspeakers.

work settings

The room-in-room system can be designed specifically for work settings in terms of size, equipment and decoration.


The think tank can be optimized for many applications. Here are a few examples. Tell us your wishes. We build your vetroCUBE.