Thinker cell in the room-in-room principle as a self-sufficient room element

room-in-room optimizes the acoustics in open space

vetroCUBE room-in-room reduces the background noise in open office spaces

vetroCUBE was developed to offer employees areas to retreat, especially for intensive communicative activities. This results in a significant optimization for open office spaces. The open space becomes quieter. The background noise is reduced. Not only the increase in sound-absorbing surfaces and the associated optimization of the reverberation time (damping the volume) is at the forefront of the planner's specifications. Rather, the office planner should ensure that loud, intensive and longer conversations do not take place in the open office area, but can be isolated using specialized room systems.

The alternation between communication and concentration ensures successful processes

The room-in-room system is soundproof. It enables modern work processes and the popular change between team and individual work. Separating the associated communication from the quiet of the open office space is the basis for acoustic optimization. In addition, the self-sufficient acoustic system enables the middle zone to be populated.

The room-in-room system opens up the necessary areas for the required spatial diversity. New work, agile working is now possible in many office spaces. The development of the hybrid office is supported. vetroCUBE offers space for returnees, space for collaborative processes that are not so easy to carry out in the home office.

vetroCUBE offers the space for changing communication and concentration

Longer conversations or even discussions must not take place within earshot of colleagues. The room-in-room construction allows the construction of soundproof retreat areas at any point in the office space. Located in the immediate vicinity of workplaces, these self-sufficient and acoustically optimized rooms can be used ad hoc by employees and thus actively ensure the calming of open office spaces. At the same time, these retreat spaces optimize communication in open-plan offices and ensure the desired change in communication and concentration.

vetroCUBE is soundproof

  • Sound insulation R´w 37 dB with 12 mm glazing
  • Sound insulation R´w 40 dB with 16 mm glazing
  • Optimal acoustics in the think tank
  • Ceiling absorber αw 0.95, entire area
  • Wall absorber αw 0.65, as required
  • Reverberation time adjustable 0.3 to 0.5 s
  • Optimization of the acoustics around the think tanks
  • Wall absorbers outside possible
  • Place for confidential conversations
  • Place for meetings
  • Place for long phone calls
  • Place for high concentration

Sound insulation R´w 37 or 40 dB - vetroCUBE makes confidential conversations in open offices possible

The room-in-room system can be a focus room, conference room or telephone booth in an open-plan office. vetroCUBE can be the room for power naps, for concentrated pondering, for co-working, for interactive work or for focused conversations. Ultimately, only the size and features are responsible for the different orientation. In particular, the acoustic equipment must be adapted to the use. The standard sound insulation of the room-in-room construction, amounting to 37 dB, is recognized and considered good by our customers. This is also explained by the noticeable noise level in the large area, which is rarely less than 45 dB. The good sound insulation of 37 dB not only ensures confidentiality. It guarantees that people speaking outside in the larger area simply cannot be heard. For higher requirements for sound insulation, we offer a 40 dB variant. For high sound insulation, the construction is equipped with 16 mm LSG glazing and optimized with sound-reinforced wall and ceiling elements.

room-in-room 37 dB:

room-in-room 40 dB:

The system ceiling ensures excellent acoustics and short reverberation times in the vetroCUBE

The system ceiling of the room-in-room system is a high-performance absorber of class A, with a sound absorption coefficient of alpa w = 0.95. The design as a micro-perforated metal cassette ceiling, the internal structure and the layer thickness ensure highly effective absorption of sound across all relevant frequency ranges and thus a short reverberation time in the room. The ceiling is supported by individual acoustically activated wall elements. A highly sound-absorbing acoustic filling, an acoustic mat made of polyester fleece, is installed in the ceiling as well as in these wall elements. Contact with this polyester wool is harmless and does not cause any allergic reactions, skin irritations or breathing problems. The acoustic filling does not form dust and is free of chemical binding agents. It is itself a recycled product and yet 100% recyclable. The acoustic material has been tested and meets all human ecological requirements according to Standard 100 OEKO-TEX.

Acoustically activated wall elements adapt the room-in-room system to its use

The solid wall elements of the room-in-room system are constructed according to the sandwich principle. They consist of a technical support and attached functional surfaces (panels). These panels can be redefined for each solid wall element. Depending on the needs and purpose of the room, solid wall elements can also be acoustically activated, i.e. absorber panels are used instead of simple decorative elements. The surface is completely independent of this. Fabrics, for example, can be stretched over absorbers as well as on decorative panels.

quick delivery program

Quickly available and highly flexible. Four room types offer you intelligent and versatile configurations for your communication zone.


The room-in-room design opens up the space, even in non-office properties

Room acoustics

vetroCUBE offers soundproof retreats in the open space. Employees find retreats for group work.


vetroCUBE is supplied with ready-to-use 230 V electrification. The "plug and play" principle applies, so commissioning is simple.


The Thinktank vetroCUBE's own ventilation system ensures the supply of fresh air. An acoustically optimized fan box sits on the ceiling.


The vetroCUBE system offers the room cooling option. Long periods of use and dense occupancy can lead to the cube heating up.


The vetroCUBE think tank offers a flexible LED lighting concept. It can be adapted to different uses and different sizes.


The vetroCUBE room-in-room system is a modular system. The cubes can be individually adapted to sizes and design requirements.

Fire protection

The room-in-room system can be easily equipped with the necessary fire protection technology, smoke detectors, sprinklers and/or loudspeakers.


The room-in-room system can be tailored to any customer's wishes in terms of size, equipment and decoration.

Room types

The think tank can be optimized for many applications. Here are a few examples. Tell us what you want. We will build your vetroCUBE.