Akustikmodul mit Hochleistungsabsorbern auf Glasflächen.

Rest module construction

Acoustic solution details, construction, variants, design

The silentUNIT quiet module consists of frameless glass surfaces and highly effective Class A sound absorbers. The absorbers are available in thicknesses of 60, 80 and 100 mm.

silentUNIT is available in three versions: As a floor-to-ceiling glass acoustic system, it is mounted between the floor and ceiling. As a truss system, the rest module is mounted between the floor and the self-supporting truss. Last but not least, the absorbers can also be simply supplied as pre-wall absorbers and mounted directly on the walls of the building.

The wall elements of the rest module are guided on the floor and ceiling in slim aluminum profiles or, for the truss-high construction, on the floor in the aluminum profile and at the top in the self-supporting truss.

Rest module between work tables

  • timeless design
  • restrained design
  • delicate profiles
  • frameless glass surfaces
  • Glass to glass corners
  • with ceiling connection
  • Cantilevered under traverse
  • Safety glasses

The filigree design of the rest modules matches the modern architecture

The filigree profiles on the one hand and the frameless glazing on the other are responsible for the functional, contemporary and restrained design. The design of the rest module meets the requirements of contemporary architecture and is restrained within the building structure.

silentUNIT is an open room partitioning system. The glass elements are safety glass and 10 or 12 mm thick. This depends on the installation height. The glass elements are supplied in ESG quality (toughened safety glass). ESG panes provide sufficiently good sound insulation and are comparatively insensitive. They are always used when open or semi-open room structures are created, i.e. no closed rooms are built.

If room situations are to be closed, we use 12 mm laminated safety glass elements. These consist of a sandwich of two 6 mm thick panes and a Phonostop film between them. This gives them a higher sound insulation value and makes them more suitable for closed rooms. You can find more information on this application on the pages for the sister product soloVETRO

A-Class absorber of the rest modules in different variants

High-performance absorbers are integrated room-high, at sill height or skylight height. The room-height version is mounted on a cost-effective melamine support. The variants with a glass component are mounted directly on the glass surfaces.

The A-Class absorbers are micro-perforated metal cassettes. They are powder-coated in accordance with RAL and can therefore be unobtrusive white or become a design element. Variants with textile covers are also available. The high-performance absorbers are 60 mm, 80 mm or 100 mm thick and equipped with a highly sound-absorbing acoustic filling, a polyester fleece. This acoustic mat is a recycled product. It is made from old drinks bottles, for example. Contact with polyester wool is harmless and does not cause any allergic reactions, skin irritation or breathing problems. The acoustic filling does not form dust and is free from chemical binders. It is 100% recyclable. The acoustic material has been tested and meets all human-ecological requirements according to Standard 100 OEKO-TEX.

Space efficiency

The glass acoustic system can be installed independently of the façade, enabling intensive use of the available space.

room acoustics

The acoustic system reduces sound propagation and reverberation time. silentUNIT maintains transparency for direct visual relationships.


The silentUNIT acoustic shield can be electrified ready for use on request. Sockets can be installed in the absorbers and pre-wired internally.

Without ceiling connection

The silentUNIT quiet module can also be positioned free-standing without a connection to the ceiling. The truss system makes this possible.


The acoustic system is designed as a modular system. It can be installed room-high or under a self-supporting truss.


The resting module is individually designed for the intended use and the building. Among other things, it is adapted to the given room height and furniture formats.