Akustikmodul mit Hochleistungsabsorbern auf Glasflächen.

Sound barriers optimise space efficiency

The rest module saves office space

The trend towards open space continues unabated. Employees' direct visual relationships are consciously strengthened. Transparent processes and short distances shorten processes. The open office landscape is certified to be better suited for communication. Transparent acoustic modules, so-called sound screens, underline these advantages of open space.

Flexibility is required. Structures have to be changed again and again in order to maintain competitiveness. It must be possible to adapt the office space accordingly. Here, too, the large space is unbeatable. The silentUNIT rest module supports the flexibility of open space as a modular system and enables the neighbourhood of very different teams. By using the sound barriers, a wide variety of communication structures can be accommodated in direct proximity to each other.

Sound barriers for efficient office space

  • optimized reverberation times
  • Reduced propagation of sound
  • reduced volume
  • better concentration
  • Optimized communication within the team
  • ceiling high or ¾ high (under traverse)
  • between workstations or teams
  • Shielding office technology
  • Shielding work cafe
  • Shielding Communication area
  • Zoning of acoustically different areas

All this goes hand in hand with the trend towards modern architecture. Sound resistant materials such as concrete, wood-based materials and glass dominate the interior design. Ultimately, high real estate costs force efficient use of office space. Open office landscapes can be more densely populated, as the room structure does not have to take the building structure into consideration. This also underlines the trend towards open space. The silentUNIT glass acoustic system supports these dense settlements on the acoustic side.

The sound screen is rest module and allows acoustically incompatible zones in direct neighbourhood

The open office is acoustically problematic. It is often loud and restless. Employees suffer from the unsettled environment. Concentration decreases and mistakes accumulate. At the same time, although the open space is supposed to score points here, communication is made more difficult. On the open space, conversations are hardly possible without disturbing others. Telephone calls have to be made louder because the surroundings are noisy. So the noise level swings up.

The sound screen enables the shielding of differently functioning teams or acoustically incompatible zones and thus the reduction of the reverberation time on the one hand and the containment of disturbing sound sources on the other. The quiet module is a suitable building block for the sustainable acoustic and functional optimization of open office spaces. The acoustic module is installed between work groups depending on the requirements for concentration suitability. Acoustic partitioning is particularly useful between different teams. Communication within the teams can be conducted freely. The neighboring team is not disturbed.

Note: At this point, please also read our pages on the vetroCUBE think tank.

Space efficiency

The glass acoustic system can be installed independently of the façade, enabling intensive use of the available space.

room acoustics

The acoustic system reduces sound propagation and reverberation time. silentUNIT maintains transparency for direct visual relationships.


The silentUNIT acoustic shield can be electrified ready for use on request. Sockets can be installed in the absorbers and pre-wired internally.

Without ceiling connection

The silentUNIT quiet module can also be positioned free-standing without a connection to the ceiling. The truss system makes this possible.


The acoustic system is designed as a modular system. It can be installed room-high or under a self-supporting truss.


The resting module is individually designed for the intended use and the building. Among other things, it is adapted to the given room height and furniture formats.