Room in room System free-standing

Room in room system - vetroCUBE

vetroCUBE optimises open office space and offers as a self-supporting room system retreats in open space.

Why? Because successful processes need the exchange of communication and concentration!

Modern office space planning is characterised by one insight: employees must work in teams and communicate regularly. The permanent availability of colleagues is a matter of course today. Systems such as Skype and comparable communication channels switch employees to "always on". However, a study shows limits. A large-scale trial with 600 small teams provided the proof. Scientists had the test persons solve tasks in three different scenarios. Scenario 1: the persons had no contact with each other. Scenario 2: the test persons had contact after each round and could exchange their knowledge. Scenario 3: the test persons had contact after each THIRD round and were able to discuss results and solutions. The scientists expected that scenario 2, i.e. the permanent communication possibility, would lead to the best results. No, this expectation was not confirmed! The best results were achieved by the colleagues who worked according to scenario 3, i.e. alternating between communication and concentration. Communication and concentration in intervals optimize the results. Low performers as well as high performers work together more effectively if they have sufficient time to concentrate on solutions and results in addition to the communicative phases.

Source: Ethan Bernstein et al .: "How Intermittent Breaks in Interaction Improve Collective Intelligence," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 2018. See also, magazine "Havard Business manager" issue 02.2019.

Let's talk about open office space. Communication is not too short here, one might think. But can it take place without disturbing the colleagues? Here it becomes clear, retreat areas are very important. Space in space systems are a suitable tool. Can be retrofitted in the stock, in the immediate vicinity of the workplace, easily visible, easy to see, soundproof and usable without complex booking procedures, the room-in-room units provide the necessary retreats for teamwork, conference, telephony or simply maximum concentration. In addition, the systems are trimmed for flexibility and are easy to lay. Synergy effect: Conference rooms on the facade can be dissolved. The 1A area on the facade is therefore fully available for workplaces. This optimizes the area key figures sustainably.

vetroCUBE is a room-in-room solution that can be set up independently of the building structure in the immediate vicinity of the workplaces. Often referred to as a think tank, the room in room system is the basis for a sustainable optimization of the room acoustics of large office spaces. This self-supporting room system offers free-standing retreats for concentrated individual work or for communicative work in a team and is therefore, conversely, an acoustic solution for sound insulation in large rooms or open spaces. The conventional acoustic treatment of the open-plan offices by measures alone to reduce the reverberation time is not effective. It is important to effectively contain the direct propagation of sound. Disturbing noises or conversations must be excluded from the open office space. This will improve room acoustics and sound insulation in equal measure. The room in room system vetroCUBE is free-standing.

The room in room system stands free

It does not connect to the ceiling or the facade. It is independent of the building and can be changed at any time. The system creates space for meetings without occupying the space on the façade that is so valuable for workplaces.

The room-in-room system turns the cellular office upside down.

vetroCUBE offers, with a sound insulation of 37 dB, ad hoc usable and acoustically decoupled retreats in direct proximity to the open workplaces. The user thus benefits from the advantages of an open work space without having to forego confidentiality and retreat options.

In addition to good sound insulation to the outside, the room-in-room construction also has good acoustics inside. In addition to the highly sound-absorbing ceiling element (A-Class absorber), we also offer high-performance A-Class wall absorbers. The think tank improves the efficiency of the open space and further develops the space programme. The result is a high-quality, open working environment based on modern principles (change of teamwork, individual work, space for different age groups). The room in room system uses the "no go" area for workplaces in the depth of the room. The efficiency of the users increases noticeably by the use of these space solutions. Today the employee withdraws from the busy office to find a quiet environment for particularly concentrated work. Tomorrow he will meet colleagues in the think tank in order to take a project further in stimulated group work. In both cases, the good acoustics of the think tank and the high sound insulation are the basis for success.

Key Facts Raum-in-Raum System vetroCUBE

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self-sufficient, modular and flexible

vetroCUBE is a self-sufficient, self-supporting space solution. The sound insulation is 37 dB and thus allows confidential conversations. The room in room system is free, without connection to the ceiling or the facade of the building. Statics prove the stability. The equipment makes the system independent of the infrastructure of the building in which it stands. It is equipped with its own ventilation system. With the integrated lighting, the room system is independent of the light of the surrounding room. The think tank is electrified ready for use. On request, it can be equipped with a self-sufficient cooling system. The room solution stands freely in the building, so that the vetroCUBE can be implemented easily and at any time. It has a modular design and can be expanded as required. Each component is reusable. It does not need to be connected to the wall, façade or ceiling. This makes the vetroCUBE a room in room solution, freely positionable in the building.


Frameless glazing and glass to glass corner connections guarantee a filigree and restrained appearance. The concept and transparent appearance of the thinking cell ensures that your room structure does not lose its optical balance. View relationships are consciously upgraded. Is the reduction of transparency nevertheless desired? A selection of glass decorations is available.

Barrier-free for room in room Systems

Just as in ALL other areas of office space planning, barrier-free accessibility is a matter of course, so it also applies to room-in-room systems from our point of view. Even though flexibility is our top priority, we fasten the system directly to the floor of the building structure and thus do without our own system floor. Accordingly, the entrance area is at ground level. In combination with a 1000 mm wide door, this results in barrier-free access to the vetroUCBE.

Even though self-contained systems, i.e. systems with a system floor, want to be understood as more flexible, it should be noted that this flexibility is only given to a limited extent. In case of relocation or repositioning, these systems also have to be dismantled exactly like vetroCUBE, because they cannot be moved as a whole inside the building.

Sizes and options of room in room systems

On the following pages we present different thinker cells, e.g. for use as telephone booths, as consultation rooms or simply for meetings. However, the presented think tanks are only to be understood as suggestions. As the user, you specify the purpose for which you need the think tank. We know which space requirement results from this use and work out the suitable room in room system for you.
We supply very small think tanks, e.g. for use as telephone booths, but also large think tanks for free-standing conference rooms in room-in-room construction. The requirements for optimal room acoustics, for example, are quite different and size-dependent. In addition, a number of options and alternatives are offered for the vetroCUBE think tank. Particularly with regard to lighting, electrification, ventilation and cooling of the room-in-room system, the requirements vary from project to project. Fire protection can also entail a number of special requirements. We clarify these details with you in advance and adjust options accordingly.

Comparison and parallels to the drywall system

At woodtec we are often confronted with the option of dry construction. The market offers systems such as the Knauf Cubo. Here, however, it is a good idea to recall the original thought processes that led to the development of room-in-room systems. What was required was a room, like a piece of furniture, independent of the infrastructure of the building, self-supporting, i.e. free-standing, without connection to ceiling, wall or façade, easy to install, easy to move, just easily changeable. You should carefully consider how important the easy, dust-free installation and relocation of the room in room construction is to you during operation. You must evaluate the advantage of ALL components being reusable, as well as the modular expandability of the system. Also consider the possibilities of adjusting the acoustics of the vetroCUBE. In addition to the highly sound-absorbing system ceiling, wall absorbers can also be used to set the optimum room acoustics. These wall absorbers become all the more important for good room acoustics the smaller the vetroCUBE has to become. Very important and therefore especially important: Imagine the effect of a vetroCUBE glazed on three sides, for example. Now draw a comparison with the much more massive drywall construction.

modular und flexibel

Die Raum Lösung steht frei im Gebäude, sodass der vetroCUBE einfach und jederzeit umgesetzt werden kann. Er ist modular aufgebaut und kann nach Bedarf erweitert werden. Jedes Bauteil ist wiederverwendbar. Er braucht keinen Anschluss an die Wand, die Fassade oder die Decke. Dadurch ist der vetroCUBE als Raum-in-Raum Lösung, frei im Gebäude positionierbar.

Quick delivery

Quickly available and highly flexible. Four room types offer you intelligent and diverse configurations for your communication zone.

space efficiency

The think tank uses the middle zone in the office. The facade remains free for workplaces: The architecture of the office can thus be optimally used.

room acoustics

vetroCUBE offers soundproof retreat rooms in open space. Employees find retreat rooms for working in groups.

Plug and Play

vetroCUBE is supplied with ready to use 230 V electrification. The "plug and play" principle applies so that commissioning is simple.


The system ventilation of the Think Tank vetroCUBE ensures the supply of fresh air. An acoustically optimised fan box is located on the ceiling.


The vetroCUBE system offers the option of room cooling. Long use and dense occupancy can lead to heating of the cube.


The Think Tank vetroCUBE offers a flexible LED lighting concept. It can be adapted to different uses and different sizes.


The room in room system vetroCUBE is a modular system. The cubes can be individually adapted to sizes and design requirements.

fire protection

The room in room system can easily be equipped with the necessary fire protection technology, smoke detectors, sprinklers and / or loudspeakers.

work settings

The room-in-room system can be designed specifically for work settings in terms of size, equipment and decoration.


The think tank can be optimized for many applications. Here are a few examples. Tell us your wishes. We build your vetroCUBE.