Thinker cell in the room-in-room principle as a self-sufficient room element

room-in-room system with integrated lighting

The room-in-room system is screen-friendly and dimmable

The retreat rooms are intended to calm open office spaces. Conversations at work or long, loud phone calls disrupt colleagues' work. These need to be relocated to the room-in-room system. In order for these retreat areas to be up to their task, good sound insulation is required. The rooms must therefore be closed on all sides. The associated system ceiling shades the office lighting. The room-in-room system must be equipped with integrated, screen-compatible lighting.

Light in room-in-room system

  • Integrated lighting
  • Light adapted to the size of the think tank
  • Light using LED technology
  • Light color 4000 K neutral white
  • Option 3000 K warm white
  • Light output as required
  • Light can be switched and dimmed

Flush-mounted LED light in the system ceiling of the office think tank

The light element in the room-in-room system is integrated flush into the ceiling element as a continuous LED light strip. The luminaire is only 40 mm wide and is accompanied by two shadow gaps (ventilation). The continuous row runs across the entire width of the room-in-room unit. The number, positioning and power of the integrated lighting depends on the size and intended use of the room-in-room system. When planning your individual vetroCUBE, we ensure that you receive the optimum light for your intended use.

Control panel / touchscreen

The LED luminaire guarantees high luminous efficacy with low power consumption. A microprismatic cover ensures optimum and glare-free light diffusion. There is a presence detector in the ceiling element. As soon as the Denker cell is entered, the strip light (including the ventilation) switches on and illuminates at approx. 80% in normal operation. The user then has the option of regulating the light (including the ventilation) via the TFT panel on the door frame, i.e. adjusting it as required, e.g. for a screen presentation.

quick delivery program

Quickly available and highly flexible. Four room types offer you intelligent and versatile configurations for your communication zone.


The room-in-room design opens up the space, even in non-office properties

Room acoustics

vetroCUBE offers soundproof retreats in the open space. Employees find retreats for group work.


vetroCUBE is supplied with ready-to-use 230 V electrification. The "plug and play" principle applies, so commissioning is simple.


The Thinktank vetroCUBE's own ventilation system ensures the supply of fresh air. An acoustically optimized fan box sits on the ceiling.


The vetroCUBE system offers the room cooling option. Long periods of use and dense occupancy can lead to the cube heating up.


The vetroCUBE think tank offers a flexible LED lighting concept. It can be adapted to different uses and different sizes.


The vetroCUBE room-in-room system is a modular system. The cubes can be individually adapted to sizes and design requirements.

Fire protection

The room-in-room system can be easily equipped with the necessary fire protection technology, smoke detectors, sprinklers and/or loudspeakers.


The room-in-room system can be tailored to any customer's wishes in terms of size, equipment and decoration.

Room types

The think tank can be optimized for many applications. Here are a few examples. Tell us what you want. We will build your vetroCUBE.