Room systems to optimize acoustics

Room systems to optimize office acoustics

Modern room systems structure office spaces acoustically and maintain transparency

Intelligent room systems, such as B. Room in room systems or glass acoustic systems structure modern office spaces and optimize the acoustics without restricting the desired transparency. Sound shields with highly acoustically effective assemblies optimize the reverberation time and reduce the spread of direct sound. Thinker cells or think tanks seal off communication and telephone calls and keep the office space near the window free for workstations.

room-in-room vetroCUBE

The room-in-room system vetroCUBE builds self-sufficient rooms, independent of the building's infrastructure.


acoustic screen silentWORK

The silentWORK acoustic screen offers quiet workplaces that can be used temporarily and are directly within reach of colleagues and the team.


silentUNIT sound screen

The acoustic module silentUNIT optimizes the room acoustics. Frameless glass surfaces guarantee transparency and communication.


Glass wall soloVETRO

The frameless glass wall soloVETRO creates soundproof rooms without restricting the view of the open office space.


Acoustic screen peTEX

The peTEX partition wall allows the acoustics to be optimized while maintaining maximum flexibility.


Acoustic screen sunoPAROLI

sunoPAROLI is a transparent acoustic screen. The sound-absorbing elements are available in many versions.


The room-in-room system vetroCUBE and the silentUNIT sound screen optimize the acoustics in the office

The room-in-room system vetroCUBE, the glass acoustic system silentUNIT and the glass wall system soloVETRO offer particular benefits for the acoustic and functional optimization of your office space. Especially users of open office space, i.e. H. Users of large offices or open space areas benefit from these room systems.

If many employees have to talk on the phone in one room (open space, large room or group room) at the same time, good acoustics in the office are essential. Wall surfaces, including transparent glass surfaces, can be equipped with highly effective wall absorbers. The combination of glass wall and high-performance absorber creates extremely effective quiet modules. The reverberation time is reduced by broadband absorbers and at the same time the direct propagation of sound is limited. The acoustics of the office space are noticeably improved. The high-performance absorbers in the sound shields can optimize a large office space with a small area. A large proportion of glass remains in the room-dividing glass acoustic systems. This ensures the transparency of the area, optimizes direct visual relationships and maintains good communication in the open space. Short paths and transparent processes are the positive phenomena on the organizational side. These sound screens and wall absorbers are particularly valuable in component-activated buildings when acoustic surfaces on the ceiling cannot be sufficiently created.

Nevertheless, even an office space with optimal acoustics cannot function without typical sources of interference being excluded. Meetings, discussions, teamwork, loud and long telephone calls should not take place in the open area. These noise sources must be isolated. The room-in-room system vetroCUBE provides self-sufficient, free-standing retreat spaces in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. The thinker's cell or think tank offers a high level of sound insulation and thus separates these sources of noise from the concentrative work in the open space. The room-in-room system can be set up in any position, regardless of the building.