Akustikmodul mit Hochleistungsabsorbern auf Glasflächen.

Acoustic module self-supporting

Acoustic solution without ceiling connection

The silentUNIT acoustic module does not necessarily need to be connected to the ceiling. Again and again we come across projects that do not allow ceiling-high installation. Industrial wastelands are transformed into highly attractive lofts. Modern, light-flooded office areas are created. Architecturally highly interesting and at the same time acoustically often very problematic. The acoustic module would solve many problems, but it cannot be connected to the ceiling. This is exactly where the self-supporting version of the silentUNIT resting module was created. A traverse gives the wall sections the necessary support. Room structures are created that are independent of the building.

Acoustic module freestanding

  • Acoustic module without ceiling connection
  • Resting module under traverse
  • Glass wall under traverse
  • Self-supporting room structuring
  • Energy and data network
  • Traverse as a replacement for the raised floor

Acoustic modules standing under the traverse

As a networking room element, in the truest sense of the word, the traverse of the acoustic module constructively connects only glass walls and high-performance absorbers. The cross beam provides the necessary support for the wall sections. Resting modules can stand freely in the room. They do not require any connection to the ceiling. Room structures can be developed completely independently of structural constraints. Rooms can be optimally designed acoustically and functionally.

The traverse of the acoustic solution as a network

At the same time, the traverse of the acoustic module offers new ways of electrification. Cable harnesses, power and data lines can be fed in and routed to the workplace via the truss network. This enables the spacious use of loft/office space even without a raised floor. Workstations can also be supplied in the depth of the room. This is the only way to use deep areas economically.

Space efficiency

The glass acoustic system can be installed independently of the façade, enabling intensive use of the available space.

room acoustics

The acoustic system reduces sound propagation and reverberation time. silentUNIT maintains transparency for direct visual relationships.


The silentUNIT acoustic shield can be electrified ready for use on request. Sockets can be installed in the absorbers and pre-wired internally.

Without ceiling connection

The silentUNIT quiet module can also be positioned free-standing without a connection to the ceiling. The truss system makes this possible.


The acoustic system is designed as a modular system. It can be installed room-high or under a self-supporting truss.


The resting module is individually designed for the intended use and the building. Among other things, it is adapted to the given room height and furniture formats.