Room systems since 1989

50 employees for the optimization of your office space

In 1989 the brothers Detlev and René Gemünden founded the company for the production and distribution of built-in cabinets. At that time, we started with a team of 4 employees in a hall and manufactured custom-made built-in wardrobes there. Just as the market has changed in the last 30 years, so woodtec has also developed further. Built-in wardrobes have disappeared from office planning, just as rigid office structures are in sharp decline. Flexibility is required. At the turn of the millennium, we developed a highly flexible toolbox for structuring office space with the products modulTRAV, modulFLEX and modulWAND. The modulTRAV system in particular has enjoyed great success from a standing start. References such as Henkel, Bayer, SAP and others date back to this period. Quickly 4 employees became a team of about 50 colleagues - and all of them get up every day to optimize their office.

woodtec products optimize open offices

Today, woodtec manufactures an extensive range of systems for the acoustic and functional optimisation of current office landscapes at its Gau-Algesheim site. Open or partially open office structures continue to be in vogue. There are a number of good reasons for this.

Brand-new topics determine the assortment

The basis for the further development of the product range is provided by the very latest topics, such as the age structure of the company, the shortage of skilled workers, the "Generation Y", etc. The associated challenges in terms of cooperation between experienced older employees and young "steep walkers" are certainly one reason for the ongoing trend towards opening up office space. Transparent processes, strengthening visual relationships, optimising communication, shortening distances, optimising space utilisation, etc. are additional reasons for this trend.

one office, one for everything

As a manufacturer of office equipment, we specialise in the optimisation of room acoustics and the spatial structuring of office space. In addition to the room systems we offer office furniture, tables, cupboards, counters and special fixtures from our production. The package is completed by seating furniture, light objects, acoustic and floor systems from leading manufacturers.

one office

Under the slogan one office we are your partner for all areas. We determine structural conditions and requirements. We plan your office. We determine the costs and adapt the planning to the budget. We carry out and are also there for you after your move.