Thinker cell in the room-in-room principle as a self-sufficient room element

smart office

Experts use the term smart office to describe a diverse office landscape that offers the user a range of specialized work areas. There are differently equipped office areas for the diverse tasks of the employees. The equipment is primarily based on the required functions. The areas are closed or open, have a special acoustic design or are equipped with special furniture. They may also be specially designed and have a special color concept. The smart office is seen as a solution for the office of the future. It is assumed that every user has a need for different office zones. These zones are available to the user “on demand”. He uses them alone, in concentrated individual work or together in a team, as his tasks require.

Features of smart office

  • varied office landscape
  • open and closed areas
  • specialized work areas
  • Transparency for good visual relationships
  • short paths and transparent processes
  • acoustically optimized workplaces
  • open zones divided into smaller units
  • Retreat areas in the middle zone

It is recommended to use the middle zone as a combination zone

Room in room solutions can offer temporary retreat options for teams or individuals. Technology can be acoustically isolated with such systems. Enclosed rooms offer retreats for teamwork or training. Differently furnished rooms ensure the flair that suits the respective task. Acoustically specialized installations can divide the open work areas along the facade into smaller units.

smart office

Experts use the term smart office to describe a diverse office landscape that offers the user specialized work areas.

acoustic office

We call an “acoustic office” an office room form derived from open space. Acoustic installations eliminate weak points.

open space

open space is the contemporary name for office spaces that do not require any walls. Without appropriate measures, communication becomes a problem.

business club

The business club is an open office world, flavored with the vision of an English club. You're a member, but you're not always there.

cell office

The cubicle office consists of floor-to-ceiling closed office spaces that are lined up along the facade and form a hallway that is only a traffic route.


The group office creates team zones behind floor-to-ceiling hallway walls. Four or more workstations are combined in one room.

combined office

The combination office consists of standardized and small single rooms along the facade. The resulting hallway is a team zone.