BV Altenberge

New construction of a production hall, office space in the front building

It is not uncommon for office space to be created in parts of the production hall. This design has typical, not always advantageous, characteristics. As a rule, the office space is located in the head areas of the halls. The building axes typical of halls usually result in a fairly large depth for the office space. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. On one side we find the facade, on the other side we usually see the fire wall for production. Nevertheless, of course it is important to make optimal use of the space and to deliver a modern, acoustically optimized and communicative office structure.


Key data for planning

  • two executive offices
  • a double secretariat
  • one examiner's room
  • three APs for senior staff
  • 14 AP in the open area
  • work cafe
  • Central zone with think tanks and storage space


  • High transparency
  • Very good acoustics thanks to quiet modules
  • Confidential and transparent executive offices
  • Strong visual relationship between all workstations

Recognize the customer's requirements and provide an optimal structure

The customer comes from organically grown and intuitively furnished office structures. As is often the case, these were cells and small group offices. The employees were scattered throughout the old building, in offices that were far too far apart. In addition, the organization literally burst out of the premises. The new building had been planned for a long time and now - the economic situation gave the industry a boost - it had to be implemented. woodtec was able to assert itself as an office space planner and furnisher. The concept of acoustic spatial structuring, in conjunction with the intelligent use of spatial depth, was well received. The Nurglas partition wall soloVETRO provides rooms for management and direct employees without separating them from the team. The silentUNIT acoustic system divides the office space and ensures the desired transparency and closeness of employees. The room-in-room system vetroCUBE uses the depth of the room intelligently and independently of the building structure.


Office space in parts of the production hall. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. To make optimal use of the space.


The decision to populate an office space more densely usually raises acoustic concerns. Pay attention to acoustics.


Optimize the open office space in such a way that the typical disadvantages of open space are eliminated.


Daylight over the ceiling requires functional elements that are detached from the building. Space in space offers solutions.


The paperless office. It is rarely realized. Here we accompany a customer who turns a phrase into something serious.


The lack of office space often forces us to rethink things. Cell office structures then become open office spaces.


The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world.