Individual planning for our customers

Results from our know-how, customer wishes and structural requirements

With the following 3D renderings we present plans that were created in close collaboration with our customers. The plans resulted from our ideas and the clients' special requirements. Last but not least, special structural conditions must be taken into account and interpreted positively.

In many cases, the aim was to create an open office culture. Acoustically effective room systems almost always contribute to optimizing processes, acoustics and office culture in open spaces. Where possible, self-sufficient room-in-room solutions were planned to promote lively communication among employees while maintaining peace and quiet in the open space.


Office space in parts of the production hall. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. To make optimal use of the space.


The decision to populate an office space more densely usually raises acoustic concerns. Pay attention to acoustics.


Optimize the open office space in such a way that the typical disadvantages of open space are eliminated.


Daylight over the ceiling requires functional elements that are detached from the building. Space in space offers solutions.


The paperless office. It is rarely realized. Here we accompany a customer who turns a phrase into something serious.


The lack of office space often forces us to rethink things. Cell office structures then become open office spaces.


The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world.