BV Maintal

Densification of an existing office space

When a company is literally bursting at the seams, additional office space is considered and, of course, facility management first has to check whether existing space is being used optimally. In this phase we were brought in as consultants. It quickly became clear that the office space, which had previously been parceled out in small pieces, still had a lot of additional potential. While 30 workstations were previously housed in cubicle offices, the new open space planning made it possible to create 40 workstations. The project was rolled out across all office space in the factory and a density of over 25% was forecast.

Key data for planning

  • four offices for senior staff
  • two conference rooms
  • An examiner's room
  • Three offices for senior staff
  • 36 workstations in the open area
  • Work Cafe


  • transparency
  • Acoustics can be improved
  • Confidentiality and transparency executive offices
  • Retreat areas

Show the flag with transparent offices for senior employees

The customer comes from classic cubicle offices. The employees were used to living in their “own” refuge. A significant rethinking process had to be initiated here. Ultimately, reason prevailed. The advantages of the open office with its fast communication and short distances were convincing. Openness is consequently also exemplified by senior employees. Glass walls create the necessary discretion and are therefore arguable. You also receive transparency and thus the role model function.


Office space in parts of the production hall. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. To make optimal use of the space.


The decision to populate an office space more densely usually raises acoustic concerns. Pay attention to acoustics.


Optimize the open office space in such a way that the typical disadvantages of open space are eliminated.


Daylight over the ceiling requires functional elements that are detached from the building. Space in space offers solutions.


The paperless office. It is rarely realized. Here we accompany a customer who turns a phrase into something serious.


The lack of office space often forces us to rethink things. Cell office structures then become open office spaces.


The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world.