BV Frankfurt

Restructuring of an existing office space

The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world. Avoid storage space for files. As an IT service provider, we work paperless. Avoid the frills! Create a timeless and restrained spatial structure. Flexibility is important to us. Teams must be able to regroup quickly and on a project-related basis. Employees should maintain direct visual relationships. It is important to ensure efficient communication and short processes.

Key data for planning

  • 32 AP in open area
  • Arena for whole team gatherings
  • Middle zone with think tanks


  • high transparency
  • Good communication
  • short processes
  • very good acoustics thanks to glass acoustics
  • strong visual connection between all workplaces

silentUNIT and vetroCUBE stand for peace in open space

We structured the area acoustically with transparent sound screens. The glass acoustic system ensures transparency and peace in equal measure. We arranged self-sufficient retreat rooms centrally. The multifunctional arena also has space here. Customer discussions, meetings and teamwork take place here. The infrastructure of the house (rental space) did not need to be adjusted. The rooms in the middle zone ventilate and cool themselves. We have reduced the central storage space to a minimum. In the entrance area there are safes for laptops and private items. The personal roll container was also dispensed with. The workplaces are prepared for non-territorial work.


Office space in parts of the production hall. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. To make optimal use of the space.


The decision to populate an office space more densely usually raises acoustic concerns. Pay attention to acoustics.


Optimize the open office space in such a way that the typical disadvantages of open space are eliminated.


Daylight over the ceiling requires functional elements that are detached from the building. Space in space offers solutions.


The paperless office. It is rarely realized. Here we accompany a customer who turns a phrase into something serious.


The lack of office space often forces us to rethink things. Cell office structures then become open office spaces.


The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world.