BV Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg: Office space in the middle of production

Production in Germany requires short distances, transparent procedures and lean processes. Time and again, we come across innovative customers who question the typical administration building for their production-related departments. In this case, the decision was made to place an office area directly between two halls, with a direct line of sight to the corresponding production areas. The roof provides daylight and a visual connection to the outside through a barrel-shaped transparent vault. The windows allow a view into a highly modern and exciting production facility.

Key planning data

  • one senior employee room in room
  • one technical room
  • two think tanks
  • three offices for senior staff
  • 29 workstations in the open area (partial space)
  • Work Cafe


  • Transparency
  • optimized acoustics
  • Soundproof ladder office without ceiling connection
  • Retreat areas

Using structural constraints to advantage

The daylight flooding the office space via the glass vault makes it difficult to install room-dividing acoustic elements. A connection to the ceiling is not possible. It is necessary to incorporate self-supporting elements and thus provide the required acoustic functions detached from the building structure. Acoustic room structures do not need to be connected to the ceiling. System beams provide the necessary stability and allow the structure to be decoupled from the building structure. Retreat areas, so-called think tanks in room-in-room construction are ideal. Self-sufficient, i.e. with their own ventilation, lighting and electrification, they provide the necessary conference areas.


Office space in parts of the production hall. The surfaces are usually only exposed on one side. To make optimal use of the space.


The decision to populate an office space more densely usually raises acoustic concerns. Pay attention to acoustics.


Optimize the open office space in such a way that the typical disadvantages of open space are eliminated.


Daylight over the ceiling requires functional elements that are detached from the building. Space in space offers solutions.


The paperless office. It is rarely realized. Here we accompany a customer who turns a phrase into something serious.


The lack of office space often forces us to rethink things. Cell office structures then become open office spaces.


The customer's task: Lead our team into an open, transparent, modern and communicative office world.