Denkerzelle im Raum-in-Raum Prinzip als autarkes Raumelement

Room in room for students ...

The Jade University in Wilhelmshaven has implemented an innovative concept with the vetroCUBE room-in-room system. In a former lecture room, so-called thinker cells were installed. These offer the students suitable retreat rooms for concentrated work in small groups as room-in-room units.

Room within room as an alternative to structural measures ...

In shortest time and at any time reversibly 5 new group work rooms arose. The room-in-room vetroCUBE system from woodtec was a cost-effective and fast alternative to structural services. The room-in-room system includes all necessary components such as ventilation, lighting, energy and data supply as integral parts of the system. The room-in-room concept thus reduces the coordination of interfaces and the associated logistics to a minimum.

The students of the Faculty of Management, Information, Technology (MIT) at Jade University can now work in the Denkerzellen. The new workplaces for the students are located in the west building at Wilhelmshaven.

The room in room units are separated from each other by glass walls and sound-absorbing elements. Can be used as individual rooms and could be dismantled if necessary and reused elsewhere. In each think tank there is room for several students to meet. A conference table, an iMac as well as a Windows computer and a large screen were integrated. Thanks to the good acoustics of the room in room system, the groups can work completely undisturbed from each other. Decisions are made with the doors closed. Sliding doors were chosen. These offer sufficient acoustic insulation with minimum spatial requirements.

The integrated ventilation of the thinker cells is monitored and controlled by a CO2 controller. This control module permanently measures the CO2 load in the room and regulates the speed of the fan accordingly and thus the volume flow in the thinker cell. The equipment of the room in room system also convinces the students. The atmosphere is also good, you can definitely concentrate here, the working groups confirm.