Denkerzelle im Raum-in-Raum Prinzip als autarkes Raumelement

Mainz customs port

The customer moved into new office space in a special location, directly on the Rhine and yet close to the city center. This location also inspired the architectural office msm meyer schmitz-morkramer. With the Rheinkontor, a building was designed which, in addition to the straight-line architecture perceptible from the outside, convinces on the inside with its greened inner courtyards and a flexible, storey-spanning room concept. Equipped with three representative entrances, the modern, cooled office building offers an ideal address for our customer. On approximately 15,000 square meters of floor space spread over four and five floors respectively, a company restaurant with café and outdoor seating area as well as a daycare center for children with a green playground were created in addition to light and flexible office space.

The spatial concept is open-plan. Agile working - new work is state of the art and is made possible to a large extent by quickly available, ad hoc usable retreat areas. This is where the room-in-room system vetroCUBE by woodtec comes into play. By concentrating these communication and concentration units in the central zone, the surfaces on the facade are preserved for the employees. They are happy about the attractive view of the Rhine. The self-sufficient construction of the room in room