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Deutsche Bahn Frankfurt

The Room in Room System vetroCUBE as a Solution for a Think Tank

In Frankfurt, between Kleyerstraße and Weilburger Straße, in the revitalized buildings of the former Adlerwerke, the Deutsche Bahn is located. A large part of the AP was accommodated in open and semi-open office spaces. The overall depth of the office space offers generous traffic areas and a multifunctional central zone. This central zone is ideal for retreat areas, especially against the background of ever lower demands on storage space. Employees thus find think tanks or think cells in the immediate vicinity of the workplace, i.e. areas for communication and teamwork. Now, however, there is no possibility for such rooms to be ventilated on site.

The solution is provided by vetroCUBE, the self-sufficient room-in-a-room system. With integrated technologies for ventilation, lighting and electrification, a self-sufficient room-in-a-room has been created. Special feature: the central zone is higher than the rest of the area due to the cooling ceiling above the workplaces. The customer wanted to use this height. The picture shows how the vetroCUBE uses the height between the cooling ceilings.