Denkerzelle im Raum-in-Raum Prinzip als autarkes Raumelement

Acoustic concept with sound screens for the renovation of an office building

The refurbishment of older office buildings often presents planners with special challenges. The task is to reconcile the old building substance with the current requirements of a modern building and office concept. Problems often begin with inadequate floor heights. Modern office space requires installation space in the ceiling or in the floor in order to run cable routes or even accommodate ventilation systems. At the same time, however, one wants to achieve an airy, high ceiling height and optimise the height of the façade for maximum light incidence.

silentUNIT replaces the acoustic ceiling

The planner quickly comes to the conclusion that the acoustic ceiling should be dispensed with and that the concrete ceiling should be set in scene in a stylish way. Here, however, it's a good idea to be careful. There may be a lack of sound-absorbing surfaces. The offices will hardly be marketable if no replacement for the acoustic ceiling is created. Good room acoustics are the basic prerequisite for modern, communicative office work. Exactly as found here in Hamburg Hammer Steindamm. The acoustic ceiling could not be installed for the reasons mentioned above. Sound barriers equipped with high-performance absorbers, so-called silent modules with the product name silentUNIT replace the acoustic ceiling and at the same time create the necessary room division. This glass acoustic system hardly restricts the transparency and thus creates a modern, communicative and acoustically highly functional office space.

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