Denkerzelle im Raum-in-Raum Prinzip als autarkes Raumelement

Alzey II

Room within room and glass acoustics for a functional, acoustically optimized office space

In spring 2019 Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey (LTAA) will put its new building into operation. The multi-million project has increased the workshop space in the basement by ten percent. New office space was created on the upper floors. The permanent spatial expansion reflects the Lufthansa subsidiary's success, which has been carefully constructed and is designed for the long term. In 1987 the Lufthansa subsidiary LTAA settled in the Alzeyer industrial area. Currently, about 600 people work here. The annual turnover in 2017 was around 470 million euros.

We, woodtec are proud to have accompanied and furnished this company for more than 10 years now. People rely on woodtec when it comes to the functional and economic settlement of the office space. In particular, the key space figures as well as the associated topic of acoustics are always in focus. Two years ago Aero tested our systems silnetUNIT and vetroCUBE on a pilot area (see previous report). Here the systems have now been used on a large scale, over 2 floors, and prove how well the concept works. The workplaces are acoustically well isolated from each other by the silentUNIT sound screens. Nevertheless, the direct bick relationships between the colleagues, as a basis for good and fast communication, are maintained. In the middle zone, room-in-room units are available. Conversations and teamwork can take place here without disturbing the work space. Here too, high transparency and good acoustics are not contradictory.